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KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

KGHM is the leader of innovation in Poland and in the world. The status of an international corporation obliges KGHM to carry out more and more research on development. Innovation is the key to further expanding the company's knowledge and experience.


About the Patron of the Sense Poland 2021 Educational Edition:


KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is a global and innovative organization that conducts technologically advanced exploration, mining and metallurgical activities in the non-ferrous metals industry. The company was established in 1961 and in 1991 it was transformed into a joint stock company. Since 1997 the company's shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest enterprises in the country of key importance for the Polish economy. The heart of the company beats in Lower Silesia, in the Copper Belt, and the headquarters is in Lubin. KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. is present on four continents – apart from Europe, also in South America, North America and Asia, employing over 34 000 people globally. KGHM is one of the leading manufacturers of copper and silver in the world (2nd place in silver manufacturing and 7th place in copper manufacturing in 2020). The company is also the only European manufacturer of rhenium and ammonium perrhenate from its own resources.


The product portfolio also includes metals such as molybdenum, palladium and nickel, paving the way for KGHM to take a strong position among global multi-raw materials companies. In Poland KGHM has a license to exploit one of the world's largest copper deposits, the resources of which guarantee the maintenance of extraction for several dozen years. The extraction of copper ore in Poland takes place in three underground mines: Lubin, Rudna and Polkowice-Sieroszowice, ore processing at ores enriching plant and the manufacturing of copper, silver and other products at the smelters in Głogów and Legnica and the Cedynia rolling mill. Thanks to the production capacity of Polish copper smelters, KGHM is one of the world leaders in the metallurgical industry. On the other side of the ocean, the company has mines in the US, Canada and Chile.


Copper, silver and other metals with the KGHM mark have for years been synonymous with the highest quality, appreciated and recognized in the world, and its guarantee are certificates of international commodity exchanges. Copper is listed in London and Shanghai, while silver in the form of ingots is registered under the KGHM HG brand and has a registration certificate on the COMEX New York Stock Exchange and Good Delivery certificates issued by the London Bullion Market Association. KGHM, as a signatory to the 2030 Agenda, operates on the basis of the principles of sustainable development, taking into account such areas as Society, Environment, Economy, Security and Resource Efficiency in its daily obligations. As part of its CSR policy, KGHM implements and supports dozens of events and projects. In line with the assumptions of its strategy, the management board of KGHM pursues a policy of sustainable development, cooperating with the surrounding municipalities and supporting their development.


The copper company employs residents of nearby towns, supports local sportsmen through sponsorship and supports local governments and pro-social programs implemented by them.


In addition, KGHM carries out extensive CSR activities through the activities of its Foundation which financially supports selected projects in four areas: health and safety, sport and recreation, culture and tradition and science and education.


Industral Development Agency JSC. is a state-owned company that has been supporting Polish entrepreneurs from the industrial sector for over 30 years. In the era of political and economic transformation, IDA JSC emphasized the processes of modernization, restructuring and consolidation of industrial enterprises.

Currently, the portfolio of IDA JSC companies includes several dozen entities operating, among others in the energy, shipbuilding, electromechanical sectors, as well as in highly innovative areas, such as the space sector.

IDA JSC is a business partner for companies that: want to develop in innovative industries, need support in the implementation of restructuring processes, are looking for financing and those that are looking for investment areas in special economic zones.

Additionally, IDA JSC manages two special economic zones within which Euro-parks operate: EURO-PARK MIELEC, EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN and EURO-PARK KOBIERZYCE



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